Hair Loss in Men

Men’s hair begins to naturally thin out soon after puberty. This process progresses the older the man gets with around 20% of men in their twenties showing signs of male pattern hair loss. This number increases to 40% for men in their forties and to 50% for men in their fifties.

Although hair loss is commonplace in men, it does not make it any less disheartening for the person experiencing it.

At your first consultation, our hair restoration team will do a full evaluation of your hair loss concerns and develop a treatment plan that is suitable for you.

The Bon Secours Hospital Tralee is the only healthcare provider in Ireland to hold the ARTAS® robotic hair restoration device which is an advanced, minimally invasive hair transplant system that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to deliver precise, natural-looking results without leaving a linear scar.

With the support of the ARTAS® robotic hair transplant system, our hair restoration team uses the latest in 3D technology to help customize and plan your personalised hairline design.

We use a minimally invasive hair transplant method called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) that allows the removal of individual follicles from your donor area without a scalpel incision, and then implants them where you need more hair coverage. The minimally invasive process protects your existing healthy hair and maintains a natural appearance in both the donor area and the new implantation area.

artas hair restoration

The FUE approach to hair restoration has the following benefits:

  • Minimally invasive (no scalpels, stitches, or staples required)

  • Natural-looking results with no visible linear scar
  • Minimal downtime and fast recovery
  • Proven results (Average 95% or higher “Worth It” rating from patients on

Before and After

hair restoration before 1hair restoration after 1
hair restoration before 2hair restoration after 2
hair restoration before 3hair restoration after 3

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